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About us

reDevice is an eco-conscious business selling high quality pre-owned iPhones. We are proud to say that in our operations we don’t save money on saving the nature, instead we strive towards increasing our impact one recycled device at the time.

All devices we sell have undergone rigorous testing and are in perfect working condition, hence we without hesitation offer You our 12 month warranty.


VISION: Prolong the average electronic device lifespan to ecologically sustainable level.

MISSION: Make making an eco-friendly smartphone purchase decision an easy experience, whilst being helpful in every step of the way.


Buying pre-owned = MORE LIFE

💓 You give at least one more life to an electronic device that otherwise would be collecting dust in a drawer

🌳 You are making an eco-friendly decision thus You help natural life flourish

💰 You save money which you can spend on other things in life


SUSTAINABILITY - We strive to reduce the negative impact on our planet through our products and operations.

HIGH STANDARDS - We offer such goods & services which we would be happy to receive ourselves.

RESPECT - We treat our clients with respect - we deliver on our promises and don't promise what we cannot deliver. Communication is quick and simple.


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