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Sell your iPhone without the hassle

  • Free shipping to and from our warehouse
  • Thorough testing and fair price
  • Testing certificate provided with the price offer

How to sell your iPhone to reDevice?


Answer simple questions and get an estimated price

Price is estimated based on your device's visual condition and functional state.


Deliver your device to us for free

Receive delivery box to the nearest parcel terminal or bring it to our office.


After diagnostics, you'll receive an exact price offer

Receive fast payment or coupon code within 48 hours from accepting the offer.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do we estimate the price?

The price estimate is based on Visual condition and Functionality. See the iPhone Grading explanation video to better understand how we determine the visual condition of a device.


How do I sell my device to reDevice?

1. Select your device and answer questions about it to receive price estimate.
2. We will send you an empty box to your nearest parcel terminal.
3. Send your device back using a return code received in SMS.
4. Once we receive the device, you'll get an offer to your e-mail within 48 hours.


How will I get my offer?

After receiving device, our technicians will inspect it and determine the final price. You'll receive an email with the offer within 48 hours from us receiving the device.


What should I do before sending my device?

1. Turn off Find My iPhone
2. Log out of your iCloud account
3. Reset your device to factory settings ("Erase all content and settings")
4. Remove your SIM card.


Which iPhone models do you buy?

We buy all iPhones ranging from iPhone 7 to the newest model.


What is the difference between Trade-In and Buyback?

Trade-in is when you sell us your old phone and receive a discount for a new purchase from reDevice. Buyback is when you sell us your old phone and receive money in your bank account.


Why am I seeing two price estimates?

We are showing you two options to choose from - you can sell us your old phone and get a discount for choosing another device from us or you can get money to your bank account. Typically, price for Trade-in option will be higher.


Do you buy faulty devices?

Yes, we do buy faulty phones. If you can't find the problem on the calculator, please contact us.


Do you buy devices with non-original parts?

Yes, we do but the non-original parts will be considered as faulty because we will have to replace them with genuine Apple parts, hence estimated price will be reduced by cost of that repair.


How do I cancel my sale?

If you have already shipped your device, you can cancel your sale by contacting us.

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